Is a mobile application required to setup SimpliNET?

In addition to the mobile applications for Android and iOS, the SimpliNET Mesh Wi-Fi router provides a web-browser based configuration option. To use this setup mode, the following steps should be followed:

A.     Using the wireless connection on your PC, Mac, or any device with a browser, connect to the SimpliNET WiFi Network


B.      With an Ethernet cable, you may also connect your computer to one of the LAN ports on the SimpliNET router.


  •         Type in the address or http://ap.setup,
  •         Login using the unique password located on the bottom of the SimpliNET Router.
  •         Customize your SimpliNET mesh Wi-Fi system without having to use the SimpliNET mobile application.

If you do decide to use our mobile app, you will notice for both iOS and Android we only require a minimum set of permissions in order to respect your privacy.

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