Do my WiFi devices need to be reconfigured after installing SimpliNET?

The default WiFi network name for SimpliNET Mesh WiFi system is “SimpliNET”. Your WiFi devices can certainly be re-configured to connect to the “SimpliNET” WiFi network. However, if you choose not to do that there is another option as described below and in the illustration that follows:

  • Your WiFi devices would have been configured to connect to your existing WiFi network, e.g. one provided by your existing modem or integrated modem/router.
  • Once SimpliNET is setup, you can disable that WiFi network, the
    • Change the WiFi network name of SimpliNET to the name to your old WiFi network.
    • Change the WiFi password of SimpliNET to the password of your old WiFi network.
  • Your WiFi devices will then seamlessly connect to the SimpliNET system using the old WiFi network name and no-configuration changes are necessary on each individual Wi-Fi device.

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